January 31, 2005

Items added

Items added in January = 760
December = 852
November = 552
October = 699
August = 589
July = 501
June = 571
May = 635
April = 845

On my desk, buried under mounds of notes about typos in the catalog and "why is this listed under Selections not Complete Poems" weirdness (Reference people are weird), I find this book: Doing It, by Melvin Burgess. The link is to the cover image. Go take a look. I'll wait here.

There is a note (of course) from the normally unshockable YA librarian: "Think we may want to put this one in the adult section! Yikes! [I] should pay closer attention to the covers in B&T!"

{I'm leaving it out on my desk as bait for anyone ready to pick a fight. But I'm really hoping Sleek comes by my desk today.}

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