April 23, 2005

More quotes

Word of the day: rara avis \RAIR-uh-AY-vis\, noun; plural rara avises \RAIR-uh-AY-vuh-suhz\ or rarae aves \RAIR-ee-AY-veez\:
A rare or unique person or thing.
Quote(s) of the day:
"The greatest of faults, I should say, is to be conscious of none." --Thomas Carlyle

Well, I think perhaps this may not be my problem. But I certainly know some people to whom it applies....

I ended up getting over 110 things cataloged this afternoon. Somehow, though, my work cart is still completely full...sigh. Spending $12,000 in a day will do that, I guess.

I'm on my way home. Happy Sunday to all.

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