May 10, 2005

Piss and moan

Preface: I am tired. We got home at 1:30.

I wasn't cranky.

But I am now.

Here's the background: We have a policy of putting only G-rated DVDs in the children's room. But today, Miss W____ called me out in front of the boss: "Oh no, we've been pulling lots of the PG-rated movies and putting them in the kid's room. So you should be putting all these new ones (Madeline, Air Bud, etc.) there too."

[picture me, thunderstruck] "What? So all PGs are in the kids' room now?" No, just some of them.

When I ask if all the coding was changed on the old ones--not just the spine labels but the computer stuff--the response is a frosty, "We pulled them and put them back here for someone to change." OK, well, there are only two people who do coding: me and MEM. She would have asked me about them, or mentioned them to me, and I know I didn't do it. [And, I would have seen the pile, if it had sat around for more than 10 minutes...] Plus, I asked her, and she shook her head no.

So there are now a number of kids DVDs out there miscoded. How many? No one knows. Was this recent? No, it was "months ago."

Meanwhile, the boss is trying to stick to the point of today's discussion, which is what to do with all these newly-purchased DVDs that belong with the kids' stuff but are rated PG, and how to differentiate between legitimate kid's movies and adult PG-rated movies. Eventually, I tell her, semi-privately, that I feel that I've had the rug pulled out from under me in front of her and think it's ridiculous that the ostensible Head of Tech Services is the last to know about this.

I'm thoroughly pissed. Thoroughly.

In fact, beyond pissed. Steaming. Nigh unto screaming and crying. Not to mention ready to go home. {I've been here all of 28 minutes.}

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