May 3, 2005

(Some of) the books I messed with today

Tuscany for Beginners (the cover says “Paradise is never perfecto”)

Rugby for Dummies and Football for Dummies

Belly Dancing Basics

Tricks with Your Head (tricks to "disgust and delight")

The Ultimate Guide to Small Game and Varmint Hunting (NOT written by Yosemite Sam)

Let It Rain Coffee

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Global Warming (someone ought to give this to W)

El Hombre Perfecto

Makin’ Toons

Life in the Fat Lane (in Large Print for some reason)

In an unfortunate combination these two books came one after the other (welcome to America):
Rescuing Your Teenager from Depression
The Ultimate Guide to Shotgunning
The Problems of Philosophy

Greenspan’s Fraud

Swing Dancing and Latin Dancing

Grand total actually cataloged in the past 24 hours: 70

Number of records downloaded, ready to finish tomorrow: 77

Number of Idiot Projects completed piled on my desk: 10-15 (I finished two of them)

Hours worked: 8

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