August 31, 2005

OCLC down

That popped in as a 'suggested title' with auto-fill. That's just sad.

And yeah, today's plan was some braniacal original cataloging. Except, well, OCLC is FUBAR again. After an hour cataloging a photography book in Spanish--ok, I can read Spanish, but cataloging in Spanish takes extra time for me--when I went to validate I got these errors:
Record failed validation. 1 error(s) found. See details below. (5999)
* Invalid data in 1st 005 *
Just a hint: the 005 field isn't 'editable.' So how can it be invalid? I didn't assign the data; OCLC automatically fills it in.

So, yeah, I may be able to catalog in Spanish, but that message is in Greek or Mumbledespeake or something else.

Anyway. I farted around for a half hour trying assorted different things--because, see, I'm assuming I did something wrong somehow. Finally, I wised up; I reupped on my subscription to OCLC-Cat and checked the system alerts ... sure enough, EVERYone is having trouble. From the standpoint of me being clueless, this is good news (i.e., I'm not). From the "getting work done" standpoint, however, it's mightily frustrating.

The Everly Brothers are currently singing "All I Have to Do Is Dream" in my headphones. Timing is everything.

[By the way, no, it isn't you: everything on the System Alerts page really is in Mumbledespeake!]

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