August 16, 2005

Some weird things

  1. I got an email from my boss in response to an email I sent to the whole staff last week while she was out of town. I feel like I've been swatted on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper. Of course, she's not here today, either, for me to talk to her. This is quite, quite unusual.
  2. I will spend an hour at the Reference Desk tonight. I haven't worked at Reference in the evening for about 2 years. Evenings are much different than daytimes. I'm feeling very paranoid about it, partially because we've had a new round of Our Old Crazies showing up in the evenings lately.
  3. I'm still thinking about how cluttered my desk looks. Hopefully by tomorrow, I'll have it sorted out a little bit more neatly, because I have nothing else to do. [irony, people!]
  4. We aren't completely off the beaten track here, but we also aren't exactly urban. Which is why seeing a guy in calf-high black buckled boots, black dyed hair, 12 piercings (approx.--in his face), and an upside-down red cross sewn onto the back of his black cloth coat qualifies for this post. He asked for a drinking fountain. Pretty politely, too.
  5. The Dewey Decimal System.

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