October 26, 2005

Bloglines updates

Several people have mentioned that ALA has released a press statement saying the conference will go on as planned in New Orleans. Yes!

There is also a lot of chitter-chatter from everywhere about this article, on mistakes bloggers make. I'm doomed on at least 7 of them. Oh, well. Guess I'll live somehow.

BRANDING. Perfect timing for us!

What the heck? "Lifebrarian." It's a word and concept that's just wrong on so many levels, but Dewey is ready for it.

Maybe this shouldn't go on the staff Tshirts. Or maybe only on the inside...?

People ask for strange things at libraries, like Robot Birds.

And are there actually more public libraries than McDonald's restaurants in the U.S.?

You mean, people actually read their spam, even this vaguely?

Time says these are the best 100 books. Haven't checked the whole list, but I'll bet I'm in the 40% region.

Library Journal has figured out RSS feeds.

It's quite clear that this person really does work in a library. Or at least in public service. giggle

Inside Google has a ton of stuff (listed in reverse chronology:
Have I mentioned LibraryThing? Because it's haunting me, and I'm trying not to sit down with my books to use it and kill even more of my time.

We missed Take Back Your Time Day. I think I was busy being productive and insane.

Don't annoy a librarian. They can read and they know how to follow directions.

Is eBay responsible for people wanting used books more than they used to?

There have been a lot of posts about this week's Internet Librarian conference. This is one of the less techie-heavy ones, about how to get good tech staff in libraries, and how to get the rest of the staff on board with technology.

Finally, one last giggle: men in hairnets, looking macho and...intelligent? OK, maybe this is more of a snort-guffaw.

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