October 3, 2005

List for 10/3

Several of these should be lookin' mighty familiar...

  • Catalog new materials (could it be? I'm nearly caught up!) done with books Weds morning, now down to puppets and media--done...except CO keeps filling up my cart!
  • Clean out Outlook, including old emails, tasks, journals, etc. (this could take hours, and that's why I haven't done it, which compounds the problem, of course) working on it Weds aft.--hadn't done this since April--I'm up to late June......sigh-----DONE! Thurs (with the incoming mail...the sent mail awaits)
  • Reclass E nonfic books so all the books on toads (and seashells, and rainforest, and...) have the same number done Weds aft. and sent to LY for label printing
  • Sort saved Bloglines stuff into logical posts here done although it tooking forever because Blogger kept eating my code. Grrrr...started Weds finished Thurs
  • Train MEM on MilCirc
  • Figure out BT Continuations email from MFC VB is working on this for me Tues aft.
  • Reclass bios -- this cart has been waiting three weeks! done Weds aft. and sent to LY for label printing. I'm up to the Ds!
  • Pull next round of bios to reclass
  • Catalog the newest addition to our lists of county cemeteries turns out this is marriages, not cemetery records! I figured it out Tues aft.--it's done
  • Fix "Your Hit Parade" per MH
  • Bloody lists.... (Lost/Paid etc.)
  • Fly box (lowest priority)
What are the odds that I'll find 40 other things to do? CO is gone next week so I'll get to finish all the putzy stuff. I hope!

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