December 19, 2005

December selections

Long post ahead!

Dewey Blog is doing another Dewey quiz. Anyone know where this quote came from? "What better place to begin my reign of Communist terror and oppression than a memorial to that decadent and imperialist American, Melvil Dewey, hated originator of the Dewey Decimal System!! I, The Red Scare, will ruin this place for everyone!!" If so, go here and guess. I know at least one person who should know this...

Boys and reading, the gender gap: are ebooks the answer?
Marketing the library. I especially like the riff on the Visa ads: priceless!
It's All Good:
An OCLC report called Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources 2005
And--this just makes me laugh--
a study on procrastination
Language Hat has found a compiled list of all professors whose first and last names are the same.

Language Log, on the other hand, has spotted an upcoming indie film about crossworders.

Librarian in Black has the usual extravaganza:
SSE (Simple Sharing Extensions)may make it easier to communicate small bits of information changes (like syncing up calendars) via RSS
Michael Gorman is an ass (my opinion, not necessarily LiB's)
directions on how to start a blog. It looks more like "How to Improve Your Blog" to me, though.
Ways to make library webpages much cooler
SCJPL's new subject guides are also cool. They may be a little too cool for most public library patrons, but they are a start.
Librarian's Rant has something to say about militant librarians.

Library Stuff:
It's now possible to sort email by how well you know the sender
NYPL keeps a list of their in-house feeds right on their website
Lorcan Dempsey finds that someone has created a way to search WorldCat (quickly) for possible LCSH. Mighty cool.

Love the Liberry:
Really bad library websites, many from within 150 miles or so of me. Ish.
A submitted list of
rules patrons should follow when speaking to library staff. Dream on, eh?
Stephen's Lighthouse:
Library terms (i.e. jargon) evaluated for usefulness in the real world
Web 2.0 tips and cheats
VALIS Blog has ten blogging hacks. They aren't that hacky!

There. That wasn't so bad, was it?

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