December 13, 2005

List for week of 12/13

I'm feeling ever-so-slightly overwhelmed right now. So, a list might help (or it might make it worse!).

  • Catalog. I now have a full cart, plus a 6-foot shelf, plus another small, one-sided cart containing new purchases that need to be entered. Thank goodness, not all of them are Skinny Books!
  • Move IType 75 to 46, after checking to make sure they all SHOULD be moved.
  • Fix ...spiritual writing... books so they are all either in the 800s or the 200s
  • Email re changing DVD call letters to match whatever is printed on the disc. I'm taking pity on the circ staff--it's too complicated to look under "L'Auberge..." when the disc says "Hotel..." (for example)
  • Look over notes from yesterday's meeting and start binder. The lists all need holes punched.
  • Try to figure out where all this merger stuff is being kept on the system website.
  • Check on CMC stuff (there are only two records left--everything else has been cataloged directly onto OCLC...Hurrah!)
  • Call the high school to make sure the yearbook has been ordered for us. Call middle schools too?
  • Type up note re Leader Line: if changing ELvl from 'K' or '8', remember to change Rec Stat to 'c'; when updating prepub ('K'), change Rec Stat to 'p'; if changing ELvl to 'I', change Rec Stat to 'a' [yes, I really understand that, it's just that I don't consistently remember to do it!]
  • Fix November statistics. I goofed up when I ran them last week.
I think that's it. Until another crisis rears its head. I definitely feel like I've forgotten something.

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