February 27, 2006

Shortish update

I've been much more ruthless in my deletions of library-related posts from my Bloglines account over the past few months. There just isn't time to link to everything.

Here are some of the items that have 'stuck' in my save file:
--Infomancy discusses Google's new website creator. Unfortunately, about 24 hours after that was posted on Feb. 23, Google closed its access due to overwhelming volume. So if you didn't get in, you'll have to wait for some unspecified time until they get it solidified.
--Laughing Librarian has been busy: The Llama Song breeds The Blogga Song, bad signage, the bane of libraries, and a "Re-Bootied" librarian courtesy of Bubba Sparxxx (probably not particularly work-safe).
--On a much more professional note, Librarian in Black has these subjects under discussion: delivering library items to people's homes (we already do this with the homebound), games and gaming at the library, and paying to hack Google gets companies deleted from Google instead (hurrah).
--Library Stuff brings news of changes at Library Thing (which I really would like to get started on, but can't find the time!), a Library Thing discussion group, an idea for online Friends Booksales, and a concept of using the services we provide to see what needs to be changed.
--Stephen Abrams asks just what does "Teen Friendly" mean. He has also discovered guidelines for web-page design from Stanford. I'm also linking to his travel schedule, for reference later.
Yup. That's all the news that I deem fit to link.

Oh, and I'm up to "presidental" in the (first) typos list.

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