February 4, 2006

Time flies

I've been sick for a week and barely keeping my head above sea level. At least three others on staff have been ill too, all of us with something different. Too much to catch up in 'real life.' Anyway, that's why the dearth of posts.

The upcoming week--assuming I stay sort of healthy--looks terribly busy. There is another all-day meeting about the merger. I spent two half-days on that stuff last week, since my boss (hi, boss!) volunteered me for the subcommittee-for-sorting-out-issues. They are sorted; let the tomato-tossing begin (Wednesday).

Otherwise, here's what's on my plate:
  • Clear space on my cart for the gazillions of items MH ordered last week (2/7)
  • Send old encyclopedias to schools (2/7) done 2/4
  • Update BT standing order list and write up cards for newly-ordered items (by 2/10)
  • "Fly box" of problems empty (by 2/10) done 2/4
  • Keep plugging away on Fiction list for VB (finish by 2/15)
  • Catch up on Dewey changes; print off and stack with the rest of the printouts (catch up by 3/1)
  • Have pages continue checking shelves for non-active items (undated)
  • Continue through "WO" ocm records, checking against OCLC (ongoing)
  • Move biographies (ongoing)
I did find something I like better on Sirsi that Innovative: their Spanish language module is fab. MUCH better than what we've got now.

One of our librarians is leaving us, moving on to a different library. I'm very sad, personally. It also means that until we hire a replacement, I'll be pulling more Desk Duty.

I've regretfully stopped reading most of the Bloglines feeds re Librariana. If anything happens, I'll just have to be filled in later.

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