October 10, 2006

Library cites culled over time

I'm WAY behind on this...

· Added Entry points to an article in the Guardian (UK) about why articles (i.e. "A", "An" and "The") and the suppression of them is IMPORTANT when doing an alphabetical title sort

· How to get a clearer RSS feed, the easy way

· There are a couple from Catalogablog:
· about MTL which I could use if I understood what it was...

· This post points out the UK has a union catalogue which is free for libraries to add their holdings. There is an ILL component to boot. Cool. You have to register as an institution to search, however.
· Infomancy has a link to the full report on the debacle of Reading First

· Scanblog points out that two problems with current "official" library blogs is their lack of humor and tendency towards being boring. There are good ones out there, and some are linked.

· Librarian in Black has the usual plethora of Library Goodness:
· a link to fun stuff you can do with Google Earth including lots of Featured Content which combines the maps with data from places like National Geographic and the Jane Goodall Institute.

· another link that discusses Read-Alikes from Downer’s Grove PL not covered in NoveList

· ...and a follow-up reporting that NoveList may not be visible using screen readers (for ADA-enhanced visual monitors)

· reasons librarians should not default to Google; in fact, trying ask.com is a good thing—10 times over

· a link to a great source for medical images

· more free ebooks

· a link to the Chicago Manual of Style, which is now online for pay, but there is a free section

· a rebuttal to someone in Lawrence, KS who thinks libraries are out-of-date. The Lawrence Library has nothing to be ashamed of

· a note that the list of libraries using MeeboMe is growing

· a reminders that there is at least one (and reliability) free online dictionary with lots of other perks.

· a link to Google's list of the most frequently viewed English books searched in Google Book Search

· a link to a list of book recommendation engines from Stephen Abrams
· Speaking of Stephen Abrams, he has a link to a wonderful staff video using Madonna's "Ray of Light" video as a jumping-off point

· Travelin Librarian links to a plug-in that pops up lyrics while you're listening to the song (doesn’t work with iTunes)

· Shelley has a link to Nancy Pearl’s Book Lust community sponsored by Wetpaint (q.v.--I've got more on Wetpaint later)

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