October 12, 2006

Techy cites collected over time

· Catalogablog:
about XML tags for your site, the easy way; these can be transferred for Google Webmaster account
I missed Day Against DRM, but isn’t everyday a day worthy of being against it? If you don’t know, check this site

· Infomancy came across a definition of technology all librarians should love...and keep at hand! "We define technology as the organization of knowledge for practical purposes." --Emannuel Mesthene - Technological Change. 1970.
· ISHUSH asks: Can QR work in libraries? What is QR?
· Librarian in Black points to Wetpaint, a place to build your own wikis even if you don’t know anything about coding
· Library Stuff
some churches are using technology more effectively than most libraries
Why librarians are better than Google
· Stephen's Lighthouse and points to a report declaring MySpace isn’t as bad as its PR tells us and The Shifted Librarian agrees
· Stephen's Lighthouse also points to PC Magazine's list of the worst 25 websites
· And, the Sitemeter weblog has instructions for fixing the code in case I ever migrate... or rather, when I have no choice but to migrate to the New Blogger

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