March 13, 2007

Catching up after a long drought

From Innings:

From Catalogablog:

It's All Good links to a good use of YouTube for explaining how to use NetLibrary

I agree with lalcorn at Librarian's Rant that this is the best headline in quite a while

Librarian in Black has the usual long collection:

Loquacious Librarian has a couple of good points:

Lorcan Dempsey:

Library Stuff:
  • Is there a real social networking site in the States like this one in India and the Far East
  • Most cameras in libraries are watching the patrons. This library installed one to watch the staff
  • Google Reader is trying to usurp Bloglines' place in the world of blogs. [Personally, I still prefer Bloglines, but if Google can make using their product WAY less annoying, I'd switch. As of now, though, I'm headed off after this post to cancel the 10 or so feeds I've been using there. Icky.]
  • As shocking as this is, the FBI actually misused the Patriot Act. Go figure.
  • The library is the same as jail?
Stephen's Lighthouse (probably my last list o' links from here)

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