May 19, 2007

Collated material

LibraryThing for Libraries. Very cool, very cool--can be added to existing catalog to help people develop their own reading lists. Here's a demo.

Book reviews, book club information, reading lists...WOWIE-ZOWIE, too freakin' cool! See and use revish! This is an unaffiliated site (well, unafiliated with a library).

The Book Jetty is affiliated with the National Library in Singapore. It's also way cool. And here's a quick way to add bookmarking to any site, at least that's the claim: AddThis. Love the name! These guys are using it; search for a book to see what the deal is....

Jenica did a long post from CIL about this, too.
So, you wanna search all 50 state libraries for something without having to search 50-plus times? Try one of these custom-built searches.

The Kenton County Library has developed a way for patrons to customize searches in the new books and then RSS-ify the results. WAY cool.
Creating online content and general webby-goodness:
Got a picture you want to post, but don't want the rest of the page to clash? Go to the Color Palette Generator and play.

Whole bunches of thrills are here for pretty-fying your slice of the web.

The bad news is here: lots of infected websites. How clean is your computer? Sarah pointed this out, and then listed four different, FREE, ways to clean up the gunk.

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