April 27, 2005

I love spring

It rained last night, a nice quiet soaking rain. No thunder. And this morning the sun was shining through high clouds as I drove to Bible study, where we talked about Paul at the Areopagus. Which makes me smile a small sneaky smile.

I have my annual review tomorrow morning. The "Final Exam 2005" questions are:
Please make a list of your accomplishments this year. Include the answers to the questions below.

What was your customer service goal for FY2005? Were you able to achieve that goal?

What specific area of the nonfiction collection did you weed/enhance?

What book(s) did you add to the Staff Favorites notebook?

What improvements do you suggest (could be a service. policy change, or procedure change)?
Yipes. I think I'd better take this home and work on it; it is going to take some thought to do this. What was my service goal....?

Back to the cataloging for now, however.

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