April 27, 2005


You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile

Smile—-Nat King Cole

I saw a navy blue bird
Flying way above the sea
I walked on and I learned later
That this navy blue bird was me
I returned a paler blue bird

I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got—-Sinead O’Connor

Milo Venus was a beautiful lass
She had the world in the palm of her hand
But she lost both her arms in a wrestling match

Brown-Eyed Handsome Man—-Nina Simone

He was a rebel that broke all the rules
Everyone can't stop talkin'
About the legend of Johnny

The Legend of Johnny Kool-—Brian Setzer

Ooh Johnny Johnny ooh
Life's not complete till your heart's missed a beat
And you'll never make it up, or turn back the clock

Goodbye Lucille #1-—Prefab Sprout

Used to wanna be the best of the rap dons (rap dons)
Now his only one concern is goin platinum (plati-NUM)
And his skills has since decreased, and the inner hunger ceased
Now content, just as long as fame and cash come (CASH come)


And I scream at the top of my lungs
What's going on?

What’s Up?—-4 Non-Blondes

I feel like no-one ever told the truth to me
About growing up and what a struggle it would be

Too Much Love Will Kill You-—Queen

Pour your misery down...pour
You can keep me company
As long as you don’t care

Only Happy When It Rains-—Garbage

What would we do without these jerks anyway?
Besides, all our friends are here

Down at the Sunset Grill-—Don Henley

I'm not afraid
Of anything in this world
There's nothing you can throw at me
That I haven't already heard
I'm just trying to find
A decent melody
A song that I can sing
In my own company

Stuck in a Moment—-U2

Mots pressé, mots sensé,
Mots qui disent la verité,
Mots maudits, mots mentis,
Mots qui manquent le fruit d'esprit
What are words worth?

Wordy Rappinghood-—Tom Tom Club

Some of my favorite singers here, with a couple "wow these guys are good!" entries.

[Addendum 4/28: Anyone else notice that, while women's names abound in lyrics--e.g. Sara, Marion, Brandy, etc.--there really are very few men's names used? It seems that every guy mentioned in a song is Johnny. Johnny is Everyman. Weird. Not unexpected, I guess, since historically most published songs were written by men. Just odd.
Anyway, I didn't write these lyrics, I just copied them here because they made an interesting story arc.

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