April 27, 2005

New Snack

I just looked at the bag of almonds I'm noshing (hey, lunch!), and cracked up. Unfortunately there's no good image of the bag on the 'net yet (ahem), and my camera is at home. Here's the press release (I'm eating the highlighted one):

Almonds are naturally free of trans fats and cholesterol, high in vitamin E, an excellent source of protein and dietary fiber, and low in carbohydrates. It's no wonder that more consumers are seeking them out. That task has become a little bit easier now that Los Angeles-based Paramount Farms has introduced Sunkist Almond Munchies, a line of heart-healthy almond snacks merchandised in the produce aisle. There are six varieties: In the Raw, raw almonds; Nudies, skinless, oven-roasted and lightly salted; Roastie Toasties, oven-roasted and lightly salted; Buttered Up, lightly glazed with butter; Honey Dipped, oven-roasted with a touch of honey; and Hot and Sassy, with zesty pepper and cayenne. Almond Munchies have no added oil and are not
In spite of the name--because of the name?--I'm enjoying them. Yum.

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