May 5, 2005

Banner Day

Another take on my drive to work:

  1. I empty our book drop near my house on Wednesdays and Thursdays. There were 30 items in it this morning, which is about 4 times the usual number. Thank goodness I brought my new bag from World Market (there is no photo on the site, but it's huge, and garish with an picture of the Taj Majal complete with sequins...). About three of them were picture books; everything else was HEAVY.
  2. I blew through the only stop sign on the main drag near my house. Totally missed it...till I was IN the intersection. At least the cop wasn't there, nor were any kids waiting for buses. My mind was....who-knows-where...maybe on emptying the book drop.
  3. My odometer turned 60,000. Woo-hoo.
Now I'm at work and thanking God for C.W. McCall's "Black Bear Road." A great laugh. And for John Denver singing "Thank God I'm a Country Boy." Things are looking up.

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