May 5, 2005

Thursday ho-hum

Best book title today: The Enthusiastic Employee

Best chapter title today: "Womb Ecology"

Best song heard today: Bruce Springsteen, "Glory Days"

Funniest song heard today: Lisa Marie Presley, "Idiot"

Weirdest song heard today: The Osborne Brothers, "Hillbilly Fever"

I'ts 2:30 and I can't do anymore cataloging because the work pipeline behind me is completely clogged. I guess I'll download records for Saturday and pray that MEM gets time tomorrow to do some work. Then on Saturday I can fill her cart up again.

I skipped lunch today, so with the exception of the rest of the Nudies (heh heh heh) and a few sunflower seeds, I've gone without food for way too long. I'm hungry. But at this point, there's no point in eating, since Sparky & I will be picking up something at Subway at 4 p.m.

What a bleah day.

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