May 18, 2005

Computers suck

Somehow I downloaded a Trojan (20 years ago that would have sounded much dirtier than it does now) this morning. It's a "low-threat" one, but (probably) because Stupidhead Sleek blocked a bunch of administrative functions on my PC, we can't access Symantec's antivirus controls. When I try to scan the computer, I get the "send error report" box and the scanning software shuts down.

Sleek sucks, too.

So far nothing bad is happening because of the download, but it's annoying as hell that I don't have control of my PC.

You know what else sucks? Skinny books. They are all I have left to catalog, having cleared all the adult stuff, and DVDs and CDs off my cart. ...sigh...


On the upside, shelled pistachios are totally wonderful. They are my lunch today, along with some small boxes of dessicated raisins someone brought in. I'd forgotten that raisins actually taste ok, especially when they aren't dessicated.

And, as I only have one person signed up for the blogging class I was scheduled to do tomorrow evening, I'm cancelling it. Therefore I can sit through not one (Friday) performance of "Cinderella" at the middle school, but two (Thursday AND Friday). Wait, that sucks too... ;-)
OK, here's something that doesn't suck: Sparky and I finally watched the end of TAR last night. Suffice to say I'm quite pleased at the outcome, in spite of all the conspiracy theorists out there.

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