May 13, 2005

Friday first thing

Bad things:
1) I'm at work
2) I have a headache
3) It's cold (47 degrees) and gloomy
4) I'm wearing a long-sleeved T, a vest, a skirt (!) and nylons. For God's sake, nylons in MAY!

Good things:
1) I'm at work (I could be home cleaning for tomorrow night's party...)
2) Sparky's class is coming to the library today: 25 'special' kids on a mission
3) I'm on service desks alone for 2 hours today; I have two hours of 'back-up' which I can probably squirrel out of (Hi, Grammar, howAR ya?)
4) The rain is doing wonderful things to our garden and flowers

About even. Things will improve once the headache goes away, right? I just realized, however, that being On Strike against children's books--there are close to 100 waiting now--means that when I do get everything else cataloged, there will be nothing but Skinny Books for a r-e-a-l-l-y
t-i-m-e. Oh well.

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