September 22, 2005

At lunch

Referring back to this entry, I took the time to figure out if this is reasonable, this tracking phone numbers/extensions/addresses by remembering the Dewey number assigned.

Here's what I found:

My phone number as a child: General principles and musical forms—Film music ok, there was music, and when I was home alone, dancing there aplenty; not a bad match
...minus the prefix: Techniques, procedures, apparatus, equipment, materials … of inorganic and combined inorganic-organic chemistry NO, wrong, uh-uh.
My best friend's phone number from age six until, well, her parents still use it: Unused Well, since I remember it, it clearly was used by ME!

...minus the prefix: Classical Greek dramatic poetry and drama—Miscellaneous writings hee hee hee...NO! Couldn't be more wrong.
My current phone number...minus the prefix: Unused (although available in shortened form as Moral philosophy [including ethics of specific subjects and disciplines, interdisciplinary works on social ethics] There's a lot of moral philosophy going on in my house right now, due to the presence of an adolescent.

My "secret" number at home...minus the prefix: Ethical systems based on biology, genetics, evolution, education, social factors [including communist ethics, relativism, situation ethics, sociobiological ethics] ...see comment above...

My cell number...minus the prefix: Mathematical geometry—Gravity determinations Which is about the same as what I understand of most of the operations of my phone. Oh well.

The Beast's cell...minus the prefix: Journalism and newspapers in Tuscany OMG--this is even more wrong that the Greek stuff!! Beast is closer to Greek than Tuscan, and he's actually neither.

Our old phone number, in town: Unused (although available in shortened form as International economics; policies and relations of the Amazon region of Bolivia) I kind of felt like we'd left the country when we lived there. It was a strange neighborhood. And Spanish was spoken, although that's certainly not the strange part.
...minus the prefix: Essays in French during the Constitutional monarchy, 1815-1848 (and 19th century)
My work phone number: Unused (although available in a shortened form as Production--Serial publications) Production, yeah, that's what I'm all about, uh-huh.

...minus the prefix: General serial publications in Spanish and Portuguese Not so much Portuguese, not so much serial publications. But Spanish...yeah, sometimes.
My church: Unused (although available in shortened form as Production efficiency [including automation, cost-output ratio, effect of technological innovation, factors of production; industrial productivity]) I'm laughing. This sounds very Presbyterian. John Calvin would be proud.
...minus the prefix: Ecclesiology {i.e., church government, organization, nature}—Nature of the church [including God’s relation to the church] How totally appropriate. Yep, that's a match made in heaven. tee hee
My childhood address: Ocean transportation (Marine transportation) WRONG WRONG WRONG!

My dorm room, freshman-junior years: General principles of mathematics My roommate was a math major and she never left the room. Now I know why.

My dorm room, senior year: Philosophy and theory of natural sciences and mathematics My boyfriend was in my room a lot, and he was a chem major. Maybe we should have traded rooms (except my dorm was all female...or supposedly so).

My first address as a married woman: Political ethics—Relations of the individuals to the state There's some irony there begging to be released.

My second address as a married woman: Military, defense, public property, public finance, tax, commerce (trade) industrial law in Asia Not exactly, although were some defense issues as well as some property issues, maybe some trade. Definitely nothing about Asia, though.

My first house as a married woman: Heating, ventilating, air-conditioning engineering Ooooh-kaaaayyyy.

My previous address in town: Political ethics See above re phone number--yeah. A pretty good match.

My church's address: New Testament They've really nailed my church, these Dewey numbers. It's actually spooky.

My work address: Phonology and phonetics of standard forms of languages [including morphophonology, morphophonemics, phonemics] Funny funny funny.

My extension at work: Unassigned {most recently used in Edition 16} And that explains a lot, doesn't it!

Compulsive much?

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