September 24, 2005

List for 9/26

  • Mucho cataloging (lotsa new stuff!) working on it...Tues
  • Clean out Outlook, including old emails, tasks, journals, etc. (this could take hours, and that's why I haven't done it, which compounds the problem, of course)
  • Reclass E nonfic books so all the books on toads (and seashells, and rainforest, and...) have the same number
  • Sort saved Bloglines stuff into logical posts here updated Wed--hopefully I won't get this behind again!
  • Reclass bios -- this cart has been waiting three weeks!
  • Catalog the newest addition to our lists of county cemeteries
  • Talk to MFC re adding games to collection (gift discs) done Tues
  • Fix "Your Hit Parade" per MH
  • Run list of 920-929 (minus 921) with no circ for JF done Wed morning
  • Fly box (lowest priority)
And anything else that pops.

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