September 14, 2005

The list for the rest of the week

  • Clean out Outlook, including old emails, tasks, journals, etc. (this could take hours, and that's why I haven't done it, which compounds the problem, of course).
  • Reclass E nonfic books so all the toads (and seashells, and rainforest, and...) books have the same number.
  • Catalog the newest addition to our lists of county cemeteries; I was asked to do this yesterday so someone else can add her copies. See, this is why we need a clearinghouse for lame-ass catalogers! (normally I don't mind, but I'm absolutely swimming in work to do right now)
  • Figure out what to do with the stack of misc. newsletters that have been on my desk for eons Done Fri aft.
  • Go over clippings with V Done Thu aft.
  • Take D&B books to post office Done Wed aft. (they have been sitting around ready to go for about 3 weeks).
  • Do continuations. Urk. Done (mostly) Thu aft.
  • Create labels for bios that have moved, print them, and empty that cart! started Thu aft, finished Fri aft. but someone else will have to stick the labels on the books
  • "Do J DVDs." I have no idea what this means, but it's on the list. Maybe I'll figure it out. I never figured it out (Fri aft.)
  • Find. Top. Of. Desk. Fri update: I found about 5 square taking a pile of papers, flipping open the overhead cupboard, and depositing said pile inside and SLAMMING the door shut. LATER: all done now--a tidy stack to work on next week...I hope. I even retrieved stuff from the upper cupboard!
  • Oh, and if I have time, catalog a few of the 300 million books/CDs/puppets sitting here, and reclass some more bios, and... begun Thu a.m., finished Fri aft.; total count: about 50 finished in total
  • More Demand order cards on my desk Fri a.m.--enter those done Fri.
The final item on this list should be "Go have three shots of vodka." Or maybe that should be a line item after each completed task.

Good thing I don't keep a flask in my desk. It would be far, FAR too tempting!

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