September 15, 2005

What we talk about

From todays OCLC-CAT listserv:
"I was searching for Stilton, Geronimo in the authority file. The results are smushed up below (excuse my non-professional terminology). Note that R9 is for Geronimo Stilton. However, when I click on R9, it brings up the authority record for R10, Stilton, Joseph B. When I click back via "expanded results", Geronimo Stilton is no longer there. Now, I have no way of knowing if this Geronimo Stilton is really the "same entity" and the one I want, since the Geronimo Stilton is a fictitious character who ostensibly authored and appeared in books. The subject authority record for this "entity" is Stilton, Geronimo (Fictitious character)."
I'm not copying in the "smushed up" records, but I'd like to register the opinion that it is wonderful terminology and move that we adopt it! It's better than "Truncated Search" which always makes me think of elephant moms who've lost their babies.
"I can't bring it up in the authority file with a stil,ger, search. When I browse for Stilton I see it on a list but I get an error message when I try to open the record to view it."
Yes, I understand that--don't you?--and that's a little scary.
LCCN: n2005053414 was deleted by CPSO on Wed. 9/14/05 and that delete was most likely loaded by OCLC today - that is why no record appears but the indexing may not yet have caught up.

Note: Geronimo Stilton is a mouse - and is covered by sh2005002661 - so far AACR2 does not permit the use of personal name authority records for mice so I will be updating the bibliographic records assigned to Geronimo today so that they no longer show up under a personal name search for the mouse in WorldCat

Since this is the 2nd personal name authority record which CPSO has had to delete this year for Geronimo Stilton I did query them as to a some way we might be able to avoid having to delete any more authority records for him down the road. Please feel free to contact me directly with questions, suggestion, concerns regarding Geronimo.
We're discussing Mice as Authors here, everyone.
I've been wondering why Geronimo Stilton was being used as an author on so many records, since it is my understanding that fictitious characters cannot be authors (as opposed to pseudonyms for real people). So, I guess this means Stilton, Geronimo cannot be a main entry.

Does anyone know if there is a real person who can be used as the main entry on the Geronimo Stilton books? Or should they just be title main entry?
I'm afraid to bring up Lemony Snicket, who isn't a mouse, but also isn't a person. In case you didn't know.

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