September 16, 2005

Why I hate Fridays

Normally, I'm on various service desks for three--sometimes four--hours on Fridays. We have several people gone today for reasons ranging from classes to vacations. My hours on Fridays are "officially" 9-5. Here's my schedule for today:
9 Circ Desk
10 Circ Desk
11 Ref Desk
12 [Lunch]
1 Ref Desk
2 Ref Desk
3 Ref Desk (backup)
And I will be cataloging....when?? Oh, yeah, from 4 to 5 this afternoon, primo cataloging time for me. (hah!) That's the hour I usually spend digging out from the day's worth of 'weird stuff' that people have discovered, because I can't get my brain around anything long-term. So much for that list.

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