October 19, 2005

Innovative Interfaces

I really like using Innovative (a.k.a. III). One of the problems, however, is how they display titles with a $p subfield in the 245 (title) field. An example is OCLC record #54981692. The title is "Fantastic four Authoritative Action." Had I cataloged this item, I would have done this:
245 10 Fantastic four : $b Authoritative action...
Unfortunately, I didn't. Someone beat me to the punch. So what we have to work with in the OCLC record is this:
245 10 Fantastic four. $p Authoritative action
The way III reads the $p is as a complete stop in the title. In fact, in the first display screen in the catalog, you only get "Fantastic Four" repeated over and over (for all the titles with the $p following).

III reads $b the way it should read $p. So you get subitles included in that first display list. If you search for "End of D" in our catalog you will find "End of Days" followed by "The end of Detroit : how the Big Three lost their grip on the American car market." Which is slightly more helpful than "Fantastic Four" repeated on 15 lines, followed by the author's name.

We are migrating to Sirsi next year. As much as I don't want to do that, I certainly hope that they have this kind of little putzy stuff figured out. We've tried to explain to III what the problem is, but they don't get it.


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