October 17, 2005

List for 10/17

  • Catalog new materials, once CO gets them unpacked and sourced (10???? BOXES??) got started Weds aft.: finished 40, set aside 30 more to get OCLC records tomorrow
  • Train MEM on MilCirc done Tues a.m. (LY too)
  • Fix "Your Hit Parade" per MH fixed Weds a.m.
  • Lost/Paid situation....sigh
  • Meet with MH/MFC/JF re continuations--try to finish this time!
  • Update BT continuations account with changes discussed last Thursday done Weds noon
  • MFC will show me how to do monthly budgeting reports for which I already create the lists done Thurs; finished through August Sat early aft.
  • Fix Fantastic Four situation per MH can't....III won't let me--gave up Weds. a.m.
  • Demand order cards done Tues aft.
  • Bloglines...could take awhile... started Weds aft.--about half through

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