October 10, 2005

List for week of 10/10

  • Catalog new materials (not too many right now, and CO is on vac so this week should be easy)
  • Train MEM on MilCirc
  • Figure out BT Continuations email from MFC finished, emailed response Tues a.m.
  • Pull next round of bios to reclass...or maybe Dead Deweys did both; bios are done being classed, Deweys are at Ref for review before I work on them Weds aft.
  • Put labels on last bios (circ is nuts...they're never going to get to this!) done Tues aft.
  • Fix "Your Hit Parade" per MH
  • Fly box (it's full) no, it's empty now Weds aft.
  • Lost/Paid situation....sigh
  • [added Thursday] Make reports for grant startup done Thurs noon
  • [added Thursday] Meet with MH/MFC/JF (?) re continuations up to the 'E's Thurs aft.
  • [added Thursday] MFC will show me how to do monthly budgeting reports for which I already create the lists
  • [added Thursday] Fix Fantastic Four situation per KD
Did you notice that the Outlook-clearing is DONE! woohoo Until next month. If I keep on it, though, it won't be that bad. Hah.

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