October 6, 2005

Updates from Bloglines (long)

This is a long post with lots of "good stuff" found over several weeks in Bloglines. Hopefully, I'll keep up and future updates won't be this long!
  • From Work-related Blogs and News: "Symptoms similar to attention deficit disorder are being caused by information overload.” Unfortunately, I can’t link to the site because it’s expired, but it’s definitely true!
  • Spam you never see (but should)
  • Fictional footnotes in books . Neat-o.
  • From LISjobs:
  • Job Title: Internship in Digital Asset Management
    Organization: Marvel Entertainment
    Location: New York, New York,
    Description: Marvel Entertainment is one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies, with a proprietary library of over 5,000 characters, including, Spider-Man, X-Men, and The Incredible Hulk.

    Digital Asset Management Intern: Interns help manage a vast character database. They enter new content into the Digital Asset Management system as well as assist in troubleshooting database issues. Also included is the development of a taxonomy for managing the character assets. Interns should have good Excel and data-entry experience. Further, a basic knowledge of PhotoShop is required. Also important is a general knowledge of our characters and comic books.
  • 100 Eskimo words for snow (or not) -- read the whole article
  • The Dewey Blog says there are actually pop songs about Dewey Decimal. Really.
  • CLNN: Curmudgeonly Librarian News Network found this really easy CSS design page. The scariest part? I actually understand how to do this!
  • Stuff about guys reading
  • Google is giving out flying advice? Why?
  • Students in Alabama will just have to learn to overcome quietly, I guess.
  • Bloggers made the cover of LJ

The rest are all from Librarian in Black

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