November 22, 2005


I've been very remiss about updating things here. There is a lot going on...we are confirmed to migrating to SIRSI, although the date of August 2006 has been deemed too optimistic, so it looks like January '07 instead.

Went to a serials cataloging workshop last week which was educational in the extreme, and not nearly as tedious as I'd expected. That confirms that I must be cut out for cataloging!

I'll update my "old updates" since I haven't read anything in the library part of Bloglines for eons.

Infomancy had a nice synopsis of an interview at the NYLA conference with Chris Crutcher, a YA author that I love. They did a takeoff on James Lipton's "Actor's Studio" questions which were interesting, and helped flesh out my admiration of Crutcher's work.

Speaking of SIRSI, the VP of Innovation has a blog, which I read whenever he posts (he's slightly more regularly than me). An interesting entry is his list of what is actually available at Google now. It's kind of mind-blowing. He also has a long list of library blogs he reads. I'm not on it.

Then from the Work on Blogs blog (my name, not his) is a post on getting in trouble at work because of blogging about police work.

I've also discovered that when saving articles on Bloglines, if they are more than a few weeks (a month?) old, they are--for all intents and purposes--hidden. At the very least, they are a p.i.t.a. to access.

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