November 23, 2005

Selections Pt. 1

Cardigan weather has returned. I guess that's not a good thing from a fashion standpoint? {shrug} from miriam

Make your own library trading card, and then post it here. from Library Stuff

Fake book covers to freak people out. from Librarian in Black

Reviews of reviews of reviews....of books..... Meta. from Language Log

Anyone, just anyone, can help out Katrina-ravaged libraries by buying them new books. Very cool. from Librarian's Rant

When do we get to elect a new ALA President? ridiculously stupid. links from It's All Good

Intelligent Design: where to catalog? The Dewey Blog Knows.

Read the txt. [a.k.a., how to flunk English class]

Book sizes have funny names. from LanguageHat

Finally, some perspective: our jobs are rarely this frightening. Yet.

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