January 3, 2006

From Bloglines

Ten stories that shaped 2005 in the library world

the top Google searches of the year have been compiled, too.

What is Library 2.0? And why does it matter?

Cheating on recordings at credit card companies, utilities, banks, etc. Otherwise known as "can I talk to a real person, please??"

Stephen Abram has a good question: Why can't we search for libraries someplace?

The differences between the way men and women use the internet are explicated

Create your own title for your new Western novel!

What foreign DVDs circulate best? And some reasons why.

OhNoRobot! is indexing comic book texts. Yoicks!

Radical Militant Librarians have a song to sing.

Stonehenge isn't really all that. Or are these people nuts? I'm not sure.

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