January 10, 2006


In the interest of trying to keep myself from spinning out of control into massive panic, I'm compiling a list of things I need to do, work-related only.

  • Start running lists by loc code for call number repair before migration (start ASAP)requested input from staff 1/12; started VB working on fiction list 1/19
  • Print off stuff from Len's email, hole-punch and read over (by 1/12) done 1/11
  • Email CW re missing location in record (by 1/13)
  • Check Sony recall list for any CDs we own (by 1/18) done 1/19
  • Fix "Confidence"--should be DVD not Video (by 1/18) done 1/11
  • Check on old newspapers; are holdings added yet? (by 1/18) no, but they are now all ready to be input by CO 1/12
  • Add important dates from migration timeline to my calendar (by 1/20) can't; not enough detail on timeline 1/12
  • Check anime titles for s.h. "Anime -- Videorecordings." (by 1/25)
  • "Move generics" Chicago Tribune [no idea what this means] (by 1/25)
  • Check DVD sets and add messages about 2-week checkout (by 1/25) done 1/19
  • Book selection for collection development (by 1/25)
  • Fix those stupid Spriritual Writing books! (by 1/30) done! 1/12
  • Cancel continuations on 12/27 status report (undated) done 1/11
  • Have pages continue checking shelves for non-active items (undated) K worked on it 1/18
  • Meet with other librarians re BT continuations (ongoing) DONE! 1/19
  • Continue through "WO" ocm records, checking against OCLC (ongoing)
I'm not sure why this list is making my stomach crawl around inside of me.

I do think that any Bloglines updates will have to be shelved or done at "off" times for the next few weeks.

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