January 12, 2006

Sneaky publishers?

I received this via email. Have not been able to track down any mention of the Utah citation in Google, but it is funny to think about:
It's that time of the year: the beginning of a semester renews student complaints about high textbook prices.

For example, the Iowa State Daily debated buying texts and other books on campus versus online. Interestingly one student found she saved money buying expensive texts online but felt she did fine buying novels and other titles at the store. The Gateway at the University of Nebraska at Omaha had a column suggesting cheaper alternatives to buying books at the campus bookstore. And students' suspicions can run so deep that one in Utah protested his campus bookstore's use of ISBN-13, seeing it as a nefarious plot to make it harder for students to obtain traditional 10-digit ISBNs for purchases elsewhere!
With publishers, anything is possible.

However, ISBN13 is definitely legit.

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