January 19, 2006

Updated list

Last week's is pretty much dead. Here's the updated one (i.e., stuff I didn't finish):
  • Email CW re missing location in record (by 1/23) [done 1/25]
  • Check anime titles for s.h. "Anime -- Videorecordings." (by 1/25) [done 1/25]
  • "Move generics" Chicago Tribune [still no idea what this means] (by 1/25)
  • Book selection for collection development (by 1/25) [done 1/24]
  • Update BT standing order list and write up cards for newly-ordered items (by 1/27) [about 3/4 finished...but my eyeballs are bleeding 1/25]
  • Have pages continue checking shelves for non-active items (undated)
  • Continue through "WO" ocm records, checking against OCLC (ongoing)
I'm sure more will appear, but my brain is falling out right now.

Added 1/25:
  • Sony recall sorted out (by 1/31)
  • Keep plugging away on Fiction list for VB (finish by 2/5)
  • Move biographies (ongoing)

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