April 27, 2006


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ISHUSH discusses the whole Web 2.0/Library 2.0 thing, and concludes that we need to ... just shush. QUITE refreshing reading! There's also (broken) link to The Funky Stork which is a site for expectant fathers. More refreshment. PLUS... (I feel like Ron Popeil) somehow steak knives and censorship are connected. This is a wonderful pitch for why "just-in-case" censorship is stupid.

The folks at OCLC have suggestions for what will be the Next Big Thing after MySpace. Wonder if they'll be right.

Sarah Houghton does a fabulous job of note-taking during a presentation by OCLC's Michael Porter on Keeping Up. I actually recognized almost everything he discussed.

And Steven Cohen has his usual load of Cool Stuff:
~ Will books soon be published in 5 formats...at once? According to Business Week, yes.
~ A reminder that if the whole staff doesn't "buy in" on a new idea, no one can force it to fly without them, whether it's "old stuff" or Library 2.0.
~ Kenton Public Library has their index for the local newspapers directly on their home page.
~ Carnival of the Infosciences has a ton of good stuff this month; I'm not linking to it all, since it's all right there.
Cites & Incites is up.

I can't remember if I noted here that LC is now closing people's dates (i.e., adding their death dates). This is a giant mess that I've handed over to G at system HQ, but really just want to throw my hands up.

On top of that, the OCLC-CAT listserve was ablaze this week with the news that LC plans to stop creating series authority records. That means that each catalog will have to decide the 'proper' heading for the series in question and keep their own authority records....which in turn means that there will be no standardization for the weirdo series out there. LC has said they will stop as of May 1. Nothing like trying to sneak that across in hopes no one notices! There are calls out to everyone on the appropriate subcommittees of Congress. Hopefully, this was a bluff. More to come, undoubtedly!

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