May 12, 2006

Lotsa links

Stephen's Lighthouse:
May 7: There will be 3.3 billion mobile phone subscribers by 2010. That is half of the world’s population. There are currently 694 million internet users over 15, and 25% of those people are from these four countries: China, Japan, Korea, or India.

May 7: The evolution of pathfinders:
1.0 -- Typed, handwritten, or word processed
2.0 -- Web pages
3.0 -- Wikis
4.0 – Mashups
May 9: Sirsi newsletter asks (and answers) "What is the best example of libraries building communities that you have come across or experienced? How will libraries in the future be empowered to play even a greater role in their communities?"

May 9: SirsiDynix Institute registration

May 9: An idea for logging each time staff has to say no to a patron; then the staff goes over the log to see how to change that to yes

May 9: New names for librarians—I’m kinda partial to “Information Pruner” and “Information Dilletante”

May 9: Should we be teaching “information fluency” instead of “information literacy”? [to replace Biliographic Instruction]
OCLC link to FAST: Faceted Application of Subject Terminology — it’s coming

Library Stuff:
Cool bookmobile
Very cool new way to track your family history with maps
Good publicity for the community: use the READ posters with locals
Librarian in Black:
Microsoft is creating its own MySpace/FaceBook clone
ALA Pres-Elect has a blog
Competition for Technorati?
IE7 is in beta; try it out here
A blog from the other side of the reference desk
Google Co-op—tell people your own experiences, and read others' recommendations
Don’t understand MySpace et al.? Ban it. Yeah. That will work.
Merideth Farkas’ rebuttal of above.
Speaking of which, MySpace is adding IM
It’s All Good points to this great PR idea.

ISHUSH talks about splimes a lot. I’m not sure what a splime is, but here’s a concept: keeping track of everything at the library, not just the books, etc.

RLG & OCLC are joining forces
MARC tag of the Month
LC has updated the Geographic Codes to match reality in 2006

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