May 18, 2006

Site stats

I've just scanned through the last several weeks of my site stats.

Hello, Best Buy! I still think "Lifebrarian" is a dumb concept.

Hello, everyone from OCLC and RLG; you've been visiting rather obsessively, especially 'round the beginning of May.

There are an awful lot of lost people out there, but my abolutely favorite search term was "copy cataloging" sucks. I'm not sure how you found me, I'm not sure why you chose to read me, but I assure you that I actually enjoy copy cataloging. And I appreciate your generally ok use of quotation marks. However, since I used the term "copy cataloging" in one post and the word "sucks" in a very different post, where I was referring to (I think) my son's tribulations in wasn't really a productive search after all.


But hey, stop and say hi once in awhile, everyone!

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