August 1, 2006

I've been remiss

Work has been busy. No, actually, work has been insane. I got back from vacation and realized I've been saving several things in Bloglines for awhile. In order to clear those out, I figured I'd post them here:
The Dewey Blog discusses several ways to reorganize the 200s, which is the section in which I buy books at my library. The 200s are a mess: of the ten major divisions, eight deal with Christianity. Not much Eurocentric, are we? That leaves Judaism in the 296s, Islam in the's a freakfest.

More stuff on typos in catalogs from Catalogablog, and very explicit reasons for why they are bad.

WorldCat is becoming even more useful to the world outside of libraries. And that's very cool; It's All Good says so.

For local news all over the world, I haven't seen anything quite so thorough as Topix. Very, very cool. LibraryStuff pointed that out; Steven is also collecting librar* blogs.

Lorcan Dempsey has discovered Yahoo! Answers. It's a little bit Wikipedia, a little bit Reference Desk. Very cool.

Games are now being used to educate. Stephen Abrams has a short list.

libSOS has found a really good reference site for all the bug questions we could possibly get at the reference desk.

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