August 9, 2006

WorldCat and OPACs in general

OCLC has revamped WorldCat and made it more accessible to the public. This is cool. Go play.

However, as Steven Cohen points out here and here, there are a few problems, namely "how do I actually GET the book?" I agree that it would be nice to have a slightly more standardized situation among libraries, but I also see that local communities want to make their own rules about the 'stuff' they buy. Still, a national database of loan policies, cardholder policies, ILL policies, and [for me!] barcode assignment would be absolutely fabulous. Where do we start?

Meanwhile, Librarian in Black shares a link to a university library which is built on a WordPress (i.e. blogging) platform. It's pretty cool. They are even allowing comments on each item! But probably the neatest thing is that once you locate an item, if you click on the location, a map of the library pops up with the location circled. How brilliant is that!

The Heavy Metal Librarian explains why DOPA is for dopes.

Finally, lalcorn points to a collection of hysterically funny gov.doc titles. My favorite is this one.

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