August 4, 2006


Laughing Librarian is compiling a list of Chicago area librarians who blog using

ISHUSH linked to Omniglot, which not only catalogs writing systems across the globe, but includes Klingon, Benjamin Franklin's Phonetic Alphabet, and Futurama. I can't find Melvil Dui's simplification of the English language here. But, they have a blog.

Over at It's All Good, Alice pointed to this billboard from Canada for an audiobook company. I wish we could get this ad here, too. Most of the post is about Net Neutrality, an oxymoronic euphemism if I've ever heard one.

Lorcan Dempsey reminds us that eventually computers will be better at sorting out what we mean from what we type. Thus, in his example, searching for book by "Walace Stevens" in a catalog will find books by "Wallace Stevens." However, we've a long way to go yet. There is a good story about his name in this post, too.
That's all I've got today. More, soon.

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